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Scott Tady: Locally made Titanic film debuts in Sewickley; Lou Christie songs unvaulted

Crescent Township chart-topper Lou Christie had an intriguing 1967 as heard on new CD

If a true-life account of political interference, greed, conspiracy and a very, very large boat sinking collectively stokes your curiosity, then steer toward Sewickley to see "Unsinkable: Titanic Untold."

The shot-entirely-in-Pittsburgh film, about the aftermath of the Titanic's doomed voyage, launches its national release by screening exclusively April 11-18 at The Lindsay Theater.

Based on "Titanic to All Ships," a play written by Economy resident Eileen Enwright Hodgetts, the storyline centers on Sen. William Alden Smith (Cotter Smith from Netflix's "Mindhunter") and journalist Alaine Ricard (Fiona Dourif from CBS's "The Blacklist") pursuing the truth about why the giant luxury ocean liner sank.


This period drama, also featuring Karen Allen (Indiana Jones' ex-love interest in "Raiders of The Lost Ark"), depicts what happened in the weeks after the 1912 catastrophe, intricately woven with flashbacks to heroism and sacrifice on the deck of the Titanic.


A number of Pittsburgh actors including Pittsburgh Steelers legend Rocky Bleier and former Y108 morning man Brian "Monty" Montgomery also appear in the PG film that shot scenes at the Settler’s Cabin Wave Pool in Robinson Township, and the Grand Concourse restaurant and Omni William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh.



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