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Beginning April 12, 2024, Unsinkable: Titanic Untold will be having a limited one week showing. This movie unravels the never told story of the U.S Senate's inquiry about the Titanic of April 15th, 1912. The gripping film follows Sen. William Alden and journalist Alaina Richard as they investigate the aftermath of the sunken ship.

Jayne Wisener and Cotter Smith, Dave Benett- Getty Images

The movie is made in collaboration with Hawk Hill pictures and PMI films. One of the main characters of the attention-grabbing mystery is Maggie Molloy - assistant to Senator Smith who spearheads the investigation. Maggie is played by Irish actress Jayne Wisener.

To learn more about the film and her role, BELLA got to know the actress…

Jayne Wisener on Press tour, by Kevin Boyes

You’ve been recognized for your roles in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Flat Street (2007), Jane Eyre (2011) and Misfits (2009)- can you tell us a bit about your acting career?

I started acting professionally when I was 19 after being scouted and landing the role of Johanna in Sweeney Todd. Since then, I have been lucky to have a consistent career doing film, TV and theater. I think the role I'm best known for (certainly in the UK and Ireland) is Lauren Harris in the cult comedy The Inbetweeners.

What can viewers expect to see in your upcoming protect Unsinkable: Titanic Untold?

This is an aesthetically stunning film that explores the grim reality for the survivors of the Titanic tragedy. Viewers can also expect an exceptionally subtle and nuanced performance from the film's leading man Cotter Smith. It was such a pleasure to be on set with him, not just because he is a wonderful human being but also because he is a master of his craft.

What differentiates Unsinkable: Titanic Untold from previous movies about the Titanic?

This movie focuses on the aftermath of the Titanic sinking and follows the inquiry that took place in the United States trying to allocate the blame and cause of the tragedy. It humanizes rather than romanticizing the trauma of the survivors and evokes great empathy and feeling of injustice for the audience.

Still of Jayne Wisener from UNSINKABLE: TITANTIC UNTOLD

Can you share a bit about your character in this film?

I play the role of Maggie Molloy who is the assistant to Senator Smith who leads the investigation. She accompanies him to New York. Maggie was, in fact, a real person, however, there is little known about her other than the fact that she was 1st generation Irish.

What was your favorite part about this project?

This was a very special project to be a part of. One of my favourite things about this film is that I was very heavily pregnant with my eldest son for the majority of the film and due to a gap in filming I returned to set a few years later the same amount of pregnant with my younger son! So both of my pregnancies feature in this film.

Dave Benett, Getty Images

Can you tell BELLA Magazine about what your life looks like when you're not on the big screen?

Well, like I mentioned, I am now a mom of two young boys so a lot of my time is spent with the kids. They keep me very busy! In real life, I live a very normal life in my hometown with my husband and kids.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you or Unsinkable: Titanic Untold?

Follow my journey on social media: @jaynewisener.


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